Membership Benefits

When you join the Arab Chamber of Commerce, you are making an investment in the future of the Arab area. and to the success of your business. 
There are many reasons to join your local or regional Chamber of Commerce and it varies from business to business. Many join for the numerous networking opportunities to meet and forge relationships with other local business leaders. Others join for discounts on health care or workers’ comp. And still, others join to be part of an organization that promotes and supports local businesses and plays a key role within a community. Whatever the reason, we hope you will consider joining the Arab Chamber of Commerce.


From early morning coffees, soup and scoops, and after-hours events which allow you to network with others in the business community and grow your business. With nearly 300 members, the chamber is your source for professional business networking in the Arab community. We encourage each Chamber member to set aside one hour each month to attend a Chamber event to maximize their Chamber experience.  Bring your business cards and a mindset of success to the next Chamber event. Contact the Chamber Office to find out when our next event is at 256-586-3138


Consumers believe that businesses that are involved in the community, care about their customers and that the company is reputable. When a consumer thinks more favorably of a company because the company is a member of its local Chamber of Commerce, it is because they infer that the company is trustworthy, connected to the community, listens to its customers is successful, and is a leader in the business community.  Our Chamber is the most credited organization in the City of Arab, your company's connection to the Chamber will represent your support of the local business community. 

Referrals from the Chamber:

The Arab Chamber of Commerce receives numerous telephone calls, walk-ins, and Internet inquiries asking for businesses that provide particular services and products.  We do our best to connect potential customers with Chamber members that can provide the service or product requested.  Businesses create their own referrals by attending networking events and becoming the go-to organization for their particular industry.  The Chamber encourages all members to patronize other members.  Referrals also take place without our knowledge when customers visit the Chamber’s online directory of members.  Many local residents visit the site looking for reputable, community-minded businesses to do business with. 


From the Annual Legislative Breakfast, Montgomery Legislative Reception, or the D.C. fly-in,  we are a constant voice for our members. Whether it is at the local, state, or federal level, your voice can be heard when you are a member of the Chamber. We promote a strong public image for businesses locally and work with them to provide information and support. We work closely with local municipalities to ensure everything is being done to positively impact the local business community. 

Promotion and Marketing:

The Arab Chamber of Commerce being the primary local and community information source, we offer our members many opportunities to promote their business to the local community.  All members are given the opportunity to advertise their business in the Chamber office with business cards or brochures that will be showcased in the Chamber Office.  This is a great way to promote what your business does to potential customers that stop by the Chamber office.  Whether through the yearly Chamber magazine, at events, or as a sustaining sponsor; the Chamber offers many ways to get your business in front of potential new customers! 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies:

New businesses and existing businesses with new locations are eligible to receive a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony hosted by the Arab Chamber of Commerce and publicized in the local media.  Chamber Board members and local City officials attend the ceremony to congratulate the business and welcome them to their new location.  Click here for our Ribbon Cutting Guide!

Membership Mailing Labels:

Arab Chamber of Commerce members are eligible to purchase mailing labels of all current chamber members.  It is a great way to promote your business to Chamber members if you have a postcard or brochure with an offer that you want to mail out.  Stop by the Chamber office to purchase your labels today! 

Why Should You Join?

If someone is visiting the Arab area or is a lifelong resident, customers usually begin their search for reputable businesses at the Arab Chamber of Commerce. 

We fill requests for information around the state and county. Joining the Chamber allows you to be the first business a new resident meets when considering making Arab their new home.
The landscape is constantly changing and that is no different with businesses. That is why we at the Chamber are involved with national organizations that provide you with insight into the latest trends and information needed for a successful business.
Founded in 1965 by twelve local business owners, the Arab Chamber of Commerce has grown to represent over 300 members. We represent members from every area in the community. From industry and manufacturers to small businesses and individuals, we are committed to bringing every group together to further the growth and quality of life! Everyone that visits or calls Arab home, has come to love it.